Sunday, May 1, 2011

Chopped Challenge

Our house loves to watch the Food Network. Michael came up with this game. He had Abby and Aidan pick out food items and then he had to make dishes of them. Dessert is striped fudge cookies with banana split ice cream with salat and vinegar chips, Chicken breaded with goldfish, rice with greek yogurt and the surprise to Abby and I chocolate covered bacon. It is a surprise because Abby and I do not like bacon. It is was the house fav. Great idea honey.

Earth Day 2011

I have been a recycling, nature freak since I was 18 years old. My cosmetology teacher Kimberly Dante taught us how to do it and the importance. It only makes sense to me. I gratefully married Michael who has the same interest. I look forward to Earth Day every year. It is my holiday. We took the kids to the Nature Center and they have students from WSU and from the community that teach about science, bees, erosion, planting plants. One of my favorite parts is meeting the vendors who sell products such as, organic, vegan food, efforts to make our Utah air cleaner. This year we even got to meet a lady who has an alpaca farm in South Weber. She brought one of the babies. So cute. Don't worry neighbors, not a pet we plan to have.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Michael and I love watching documentaries just about anything. I have seen Super Size Me, Corn Inc and Morgan Spurlock documentary about corn syrup. I feel like health and wellness is a passion of mine.

So I have been on a quest to work eating healthier for years. I have known people who are vegan since I was in my 20's but thought I could not eat just veggies. Doing the research on what is available-chicken and egg substitues, tofu sour cream and cream cheese, soy,almond, rice and hemp milk, veggie cheese, soy yogurt, soy ice cream. The options are limitless.

The taste-I am telling you my vegan choc chip cookies are the best cookies I have ever had but on the other hand, vegan carrot cake is gross. Just have to keep trying things that work.

What about the protein?? If you read your labels-beans, meat sub, you will not miss out on any protein.

Why do I do it? I feel better. After dinner, I do not feel sluggish and tired. I do not feel like I want to go to bed. I could even go work out without feeling like I am going to loose my dinner.

Do I completely give up on all meat and dairy? No, I feel the more veggies and fruit I eat the better off my family and I will be.

I have heard some people say(not knowing this is the lifestyle I am choosing) to never trust a vegan. Why because I would rather not eat a cow that is on a diet of corn that makes the cow sick and they give it antibiotics that I then in turn eat. Because of eating vegetables and trying to be healthy makes me a person a shady character.

I love this way of eating. It has made a more calm,center person. I am always looking for other healthy items. Let me know if you know of any.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

more family pics

My favorite picture of the kids where the ones they are together. They are so stinkin cute.

Family Pics Dec 2010

Family Pics were done in December in hopes we would have snow. I can live without it. Michael was sick all that week. You can tell as the pictures progress he is not feeling well. I even tried to kiss him and make it better. I guess that only works for the kids.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy 9th Birthday Aidan

Aidan had his 9th Bday on November 27. Abby and Aidan love Harry Potter. So his bday was center around Harry Potter. We went to the movie and arcade. That is where we all met Grandma Rene and Granpa Roy. Had pizza and cake. From there we went and saw Abby perform in her chior. It was a great day. Happy Birthday Aidan!!! Love ya

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween 2010!!!
We had the kids for our ward Halloween carnival. Had to steal a picture of Jenn Cottle and her boy. They were so dang cute. Abby really wanted to be a taco for Halloween. Not sure how she got stuck on being a food item. We never found that costume but did find pizza outfit that she wore. Aidan is a ninja. Even our dogs have to dress up on Halloween. Ziggy is our fairy and Owen a hotdog.